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Three most popular Free Backing Tracks this week:
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama Guitar track - MIDI - Guitar Lesson - TAB
Eagles - Hotel California Guitar track - MIDI - Guitar Lesson - TAB

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Backing tracks for bands with names starting with letters A-K
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Glenn's Free Professional Midi Guitar Backing Tracks

Welcome to Glenn's backing tracks and tabs where you can load up on free professional music backing tracks. If you've ever dreamed you could jam like a professional guitar player with AC/DC or ZZ Top, well now you can do it- right here with our free professional music backing tracks! This page has tons of free professional guitar backing tracks and tablatures (tabs) for rock songs by most of your favorite bands - All FREE!

What Is the Benefit of a Free Midi Guitar Backing Track?

Our free professional guitar backing tracks are a great tool to use for practice sessions because they include the other band instruments. Guitar backing tracks allow you to simulate having your own band playing the tune that you want to learn! It's like karaoke for guitar! With our free professional guitar backing tracks you can practice solos from the original song, or you can create your own leads and just work on scales until you have them down to perfection. Using our free professional music backing tracks you can take the time to work on all the details and new ideas that you're unable to try during band practice because of time constraints. Professional guitar backing tracks will help prepare you to jam with the best.

Our free professional backing tracks can also be used to practice your vocals - all you need is a mike and you're good to go. Similar to having a karaoke library on your laptop.

Free Professional Guitar and Music Resources

The free guitar tabs included with most of the tunes are a fantastic way to learn the original solos and you can use them to create your own original ideas, giving the solo your own personal colorings. You must learn to read tabs, and the better you get, the faster you will learn to play these solos. All the techniques you learn from the tabs here at Glenn's backing tracks and tabs will help improve your versatility.

Please sign up for our newsletter. You will receive a free guitar book with 62 pages containing great learning tools to play professional guitar. You will also receive our free guitar weekly newsletter that includes riffs, videos, tabs, theory, articles about guitarists and equipment, etc. Check out the links in the left-hand margin for great FREE guitar playing ideas.

Visit where you will find tons of free professional guitar lessons, tabs, videos, and our DVD which covers free music theory lessons - including blues and rock soloing, finger-style, acoustic lessons, and more. We cover the CAGED system which helps you play in any key all over the fretboard. Our lessons on ear training will help you learn it all much faster. Please have a good look around the website. There is free music information everywhere. You will be on your way to being a professional guitar player after visiting also offers various instructional DVD's. There are professional guitar lessons for musicians of all ages. One DVD has a full inventory of finger-strengthening exercises that will help increase your speed, stamina, and and accuracy. Anyone who practices these drills for just a few minutes a day will find themselves a much better guitarist.

The Ultimate Blues Primer will help you understand how blues music professionals play, and we have a touring guitarist to show you how to play the guitar music you desire. At the end of the DVD you get a practice session with live San Francisco blues musicians in a backing track so you can perfect those blues riffs that you learned, and create your own!

If you are looking for beginner professional guitar music lessons, please go to This is a full training program meant to help novice guitarists. By the time you are well into the lesson series your technique will be much improved. You will be on your way to becoming an accomplished guitarist!